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Travelling to the US for a conference


This week I was at the AAG in Chicago. AAG stands for "Association of American Geographers" (which I totally messed up at customs when I was asked where I was going, but I still managed to get into the US without trouble). The conference was from Tuesday to Saturday.

I was lucky and arrived on Sunday. I also did not get jetlagged thanks to a cunning plan that involved not sleeping the night before (and by "plan", I mean I was packing for 6 weeks since I'm staying over in the US and Canada and frantically running around the house).

I found the conference quite overwhelming: first of all, 8k people (or 7k, or 9k, according to whom I was reading, but you get the idea: that's a lot of people, which is noise-inducing). Second of all: no natural light during the sessions I attended. In that respect, I found the RGS-IBG in London last August (the first conference I ever attended) a lot more "human-sized" - at the AAG, there was so much going on at any given time that I found it difficult to chose where to go (what if something more awesome is happening at the same time?!), whereas at the RGS-IBG there was a lot going on, but at a level that avoided fear of missing out and other culprits.

That said, I still had some interesting encounters and some good sessions! Of biggest interest to me was obviously our sessions on Deaf Geographies.

We had three sessions planned:

1) Deaf Geographies: space and place in contemporary Deaf society.

2) Deaf Geographies: Deaf spaces and the methodological transformation of the academy.

3) Deaf Geographies: theorising and describing Deaf spaces.

I have created a Storify with the tweets that happened during our sessions. In it, you can find the names of the different speakers as well as the title of their presentation.

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